"Timothy Eyrich went above and beyond to capture the love on our wedding day."

 "Not only were his photographs the best we have ever had taken, his personable professionalism had our entire bridal party feeling comfortable and having a blast."

 "We loved Timothy‚Äôs artistic style and incredible eye for detail."

"He captured everything special about the best day of my life, "satisfied" is beyond an understatement."

I love real and raw emotion. I love up close and in your face images that put the viewer inside your day. I blend fashion, and photo-journalistic styles to give you images that look like they have come straight from a scene in a movie or page from a magazine. Every laugh, every smile, is captured in a way that evokes real and vivid memories.
Cinematic by design, I want you to look back on your images and be taken back to the day as if it were yesterday.


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Believe me when I tell you, "I want to meet you!" I want to capture these awesome little moments for you to have forever. I hope you'll take a minute to enjoy looking through the moments I've been privileged to experience so far, as you'll find represented in my galleries. Whatever your stage in life, congratulations and blessings to you and your family!  

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One word...PASSION.
When you find your "thing," you know it. You simply have no choice but to follow the inclination or passion. What is my "thing?" I search for the moments in life that we don't want to live without, the emotions that overcome us in unexpected circumstances, the kind of happiness that can produce both laughter and tears.

You want to know the best part? My passion lends itself to experiencing those things over and over and over. I've lost count of all the years I've been in love with photographing people and to let you in on a little secret: weddings are a special favorite of mine. Meeting a newly engaged couple and sharing in the excitement that comes with a new future, working through the details to produce exactly what they envisioned, simply being there to capture the nerves, excitement and happiness of the big day, from beginning to end, is the highlight of my work. 

Hit the arrow to see some things I am passionate about and in return learn a little about what makes me...me.


I LOVE tacos, they are my favorite. You could possibly pay me in tacos...ok not really, but almost.

STar wars

I wait with great anticipation for the next Star Wars book to be 

in print. I have read almost every Star Wars book that has been 

printed and watched the movies more times than I can count.

I secretly wish I was a Jedi. All that being said, my oldest son 

should be a writer for Wookiepedia (Star Wars Encyclopedia). He 

knows more than Lucas himself, not kidding. It's a sad day when 

my eleven year old can tell me more about the inner workings of a 

hyper-drive and how Darth Maul and Savage Opress are related. 

Well maybe not sad, it actually makes me really proud. 

What really matters?

My three children waking me up with kisses way too early in the morning.
Watching my family grow together, in love and war. Truly, wow, there isn't any other way to live but to have those four to do life with. I have learned that life really isn't about me - it's about them.